Jewish Aviators in World War IIJewish Aviators in World War II

More than 150,000 American Jews served in the air war during World War II. Despite acts of heroism and commendations, they were subject to bigotry and scorn by their fellow servicemen and by a large percentage of Americans in general. Jews were sometimes characterized as disloyal and cowardly, malingering in the slanderous (and non-existent) “Jewish Quartermaster Corps” or sitting out the war in easy assignments. Based on interviews with more than 100 Jewish air veterans, this oral history features the recollections of pilots, crew members and support personnel in all theaters of combat and all branches of the service, including American Jewish women of the Women Airforce Service Pilots. These are among the last, first person interviews held with any WWII veterans. The subjects recall their combat experiences, lives as POWs under Nazi supervision, and anti–Semitism in the ranks, as well as human interest stories such as encounters with the Tuskegee airmen. All proceeds will go to the National Museum of American Jewish Military History. Spring 2016 Print ISBN: 978-0-7864-9995-3 E-book ISBN: 978-1-4766-2355-9

Monday Morning EthicsMonday Morning Ethics

Monday Morning Ethics, co-written by Chuck Gallagher and Bruce H. Wolk, is scheduled for a Summer 2016 release. The book features ethical discussions and analysis of 23 of the world’s most noted sports scandals including Pete Rose, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, the 1951 Basketball Point-Shaving Scandal, the Ray Rice domestic abuse case and many others.  Chuck Gallagher is America’s leading speaker and lecturer on the topic of ethics

Previously Published Titles

Made Here Baby“Made Here, Baby!”
Author: Bruce H. Wolk
ISBN: 9780814413883
308 pages. Published by AMACOM.

“Made Here, Baby!” was published in November 2009 by AMACOM Publishing. It was, and remains, The Essential Guide to Finding the Best American-Made Products for Your Kids. In order to write the book, I conducted more than 500 interviews with American manufacturers of children’s products ranging from one-person shops to multi-million dollar organizations. The title is available through the author or and other online venues. The book is also available as a Kindle edition.

Duck Egg Production for Beginners “Duck Egg Production for Beginners: A practical guide for producing duck eggs for the hobby farmer” [Kindle Edition] (June 2012)

Authors: Michael Messuri and Bruce Wolk

Practical books on free-range duck egg production, written by a duck egg producer with commercial experience are difficult to find. The book avoids technical jargon and takes an ethical, compassionate and often humorous approach to the topic. Many of the details presented in the book are based on first-hand experience by someone who deals with the day-to-day challenges of working with a flock of ducks. The book contains instructions for legally selling excess duck eggs to farmer’s markets, retail stores, high-end bakeries and restaurants. Also included are zoning considerations, licensing fees and becoming a USDA inspected facility

Enough to Listen

To be of true service, we practice a skill that far too many ignore these days. We listen. How many industries, practices and organizations go completely off-track because their contractors are too busy talking and not listening?

Listening leads to nurturing, and nurturing translates into an idea having significance. When we listen to each other, we respect one another. That alone, leads to a shared vision where incredible things can happen.

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