Remembering the Fallen

As Yom Kippur has just passed, it would be wrong for me to neglect a book I completed a few years back, “Jewish Aviators in WWII.” The book, from start to finish, was a joy to write and also an extremely frustrating experience. I was inspired to tackle the project by an uncle who was […]

Junius and the Ft.Dix Indians

Considering that Junius Kellogg attended a segregated high school in Portsmouth, Virginia, and considering that his “gym” was an outdoor basketball court made of packed earth and cinders, he was even more of an amazing athlete than history has credited. He did not play organized basketball until his senior year at I.C. Norcom High School. […]

Coach Kellogg of the Pan Am Jets

The Pan Am Historical Foundation requested a brief article based on Junius Kellogg’s contributions to the Pan Am Jets wheelchair basketball team. I have reproduced it in its entirety: “Who am I, and why would I be addressing World Wings International and the Pan Am Historical Foundation with an article about basketball? Even if you […]

Chryslers on My Mind

It started off innocently enough in early April 1954. Junius Kellogg and his Harlem Globetrotters teammate Boyd Buie, “The One-Armed Wonder,” decided to travel down to the Pine Bluff, Arkansas area to do some barnstorming. It was common practice in those days to mix in a few pro’s with amateurs and to take on the […]

VA Games Aren’t New

The life of Junius Kellogg often reminds me of a safe with many doors, doors within doors, with each door having its own combination. The term his friend Bob Otten often used was that Junius’ life was “compartmentalized.” For example, Bob Otten never learned that Junius got married until long after the fact. Men and […]

“You’ll Sit Like a Fool on the Bench”

Junius Kellogg graduated in 1953. He went back to Portsmouth, Virginia most probably played basketball with his “Vagabonds” team (picking up semi-pro money in Virginia and the Carolina’s) and there he weighed a number of dead-end career options. It was in the late months of 1953 when Junius showed up on campus seeking out Bob […]

The Journey of “Junie” and Bob

There are many story lines associated with “The Man Who Saved Basketball,” the multi-faceted story of the life of Junius A. Kellogg. Over the coming weeks and months I hope to explore many aspects of the research and writing. One of the many interesting points of exploration is the 48-year relationship between Junius Kellogg (his […]

Squash in the Afternoon

I suppose I could have entitled this post “Strange Ideas That Come to The Nonfiction Writer.” About 6 years ago, I began a book about heirloom squash. More specifically, about choosing one variety of squash and tracing it to the very beginning of squash. I called the book “Soul of a Seed.” I wanted to […]