Bruce H. Wolk – Denver-based Writer

Every child seems to have one favorite uncle, and mine was Uncle Sy. Uncle Sy worked at Doubleday & Company as a bookbinder. He was a Navy veteran, indeed a veteran of both WWI and WWII and he had a tobacco chewing habit, and liked a shot […]

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My Fascination with Junius Kellogg

About three years ago, I was working as a co-writer on a book dedicated to the topic of Sports Ethics. The book was tentatively entitled, “Monday Morning Ethics.” In the book, we outlined and analyzed the most significant sports scandals of the past 65 – 70 years. […]

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Why I Love Blog Writing

Bruce H. Wolk Writing & Marketing services writes blogs for several clients, from motivational speakers to business coaches to HVAC companies and automobile mechanics. Though my company is based in Denver, I routinely work with clients located throughout the United States. I am gratified by their support […]

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Bruce H. Wolk: Jewish Aviators in WWII – Update

“Jewish Aviators in WWII,” by Bruce H. Wolk, was released by McFarland Books at the end of March and so far, I am quite pleased with our progress. The project is now under book review by the Jewish War Veterans in Washington, D.C. for a possible write […]

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Jewish Aviators in WWII by Bruce H. Wolk

March was a great month for me as my book, Jewish Aviators in WWII was finally released by McFarland Books. The project was launched in the fall of 2009 with just a single interview in my home town of Denver, Colorado and then I crisscrossed the country until […]

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Why Service is at the Core

“Thank You.” “No Problem.” “Did I say there was a problem?” As writer and owner of Bruce H. Wolk Writing & Marketing Services, my profession makes it mandatory that I should be fascinated by language and slang usage. Who doesn’t like a good slang word? Several years ago, I […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Enough to Listen

To be of true service, we practice a skill that far too many ignore these days. We listen. How many industries, practices and organizations go completely off-track because their contractors are too busy talking and not listening?

Listening leads to nurturing, and nurturing translates into an idea having significance. When we listen to each other, we respect one another. That alone, leads to a shared vision where incredible things can happen.

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