Bruce H. Wolk

How I Came to This Place

When I was five, my Uncle Sy, a bookbinder for Doubleday and Company handed me a stack of over-sized pieces of off-cut blank paper and some color pencils.  He and my Aunt Minnie were baby-sitting for me. Sy told me to write a great book, and he said it in a way that I believed I could. My uncle could be a crusty man, after all he served in the Navy in both WWI and WWII. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful and gentle connection. The large sheets of paper felt good in my little hands.

Something happened to me on that sunny afternoon. As I sat on the worn carpet of the modest walk-up apartment, I "wrote" a story complete with airplanes and cartoon characters. I felt a great sense of joy, safety and comfort in that early attempt at creation.

I went through many careers, but I always came back to writing. Writing not only became my passion but at times it was my refuge and best friend. Coinciding with my departure from the corporate world, my first book was published. It was dedicated to two men: my Uncle Sy and a remedial English teacher who believed in me. They were my mentors. They saved my life.

What Interests Me?

As a writer, my professional life is divided between work for others and my own projects.

I am fascinated by the journeys of my clients. I both ghostwrite and co-write.  My client work includes books, articles, speeches and blog writing.

My own projects are dear to me. They encompass a wide span but I always hope there is passion in every word I write.


Bruce H. Wolk grew up on Long Island and among his earliest memories were fishing, clamming and crabbing in the Great South Bay. It was not surprising that he would become a Marine Biologist earning B.S. and M.S. degrees and being awarded two research grants.

Despite the scientific career path, his soul was never nurtured by it. Paralleling his biology pursuits was his love of writing. As he was observing barnacles, fish and seaweed, he was taking coursework in fiction and non-fiction writing and submitting freelance articles to a wide range of newspapers and magazines.

Rather than the early biology training proving to be a hindrance, the countless hours spent in research was invaluable for the focus it brought to his nonfiction book projects.

Bruce makes his home in Denver, Colorado. His hobbies include heirloom vegetable gardening, fitness, history, cooking, anything related to Japan and the Buffalo Bills.

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