The closest I have come to describing how writing makes me feel is with my love of Japanese gardens, art and architecture. The design of this website reflects those emotions.

Writing is perhaps the simplest of all the creative pursuits; yet, if done with pure intention it is the most complex art form.

I am a writer. I cannot imagine any other life. Writing was the art that nurtured me as a child and the art I returned to after many years of working for corporations and nonprofit organizations.

I founded Bruce H. Wolk Writing and Marketing Services in 2010 in Denver, Colorado, though the formation of the company started many years before that time with my writing numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

In 2009, my first book, Made Here, Baby! was published by AMACOM Books in New York City. At that time, I formed Made Here Books, LLC which serves as the umbrella organization for all my writing pursuits.

My formal education includes two degrees in the biological sciences and an MBA in Management/Marketing (Fordham University). Over the years I have studied in numerous creative writing and playwriting workshops.

In terms of my personal writing projects, I am fascinated with historical topics including the histories of heirloom vegetables, ethnic experiences during WWII and sports stories.

In addition to Bruce H. Wolk Writing and Marketing Services, I am co-founder of Sports Ethics LLC, an organization devoted to teaching athletes about making ethical choices and I am the founder of Blog Faucet, an on-demand blog writing service.

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Enough to Listen

To be of true service, we practice a skill that far too many ignore these days. We listen. How many industries, practices and organizations go completely off-track because their contractors are too busy talking and not listening?

Listening leads to nurturing, and nurturing translates into an idea having significance. When we listen to each other, we respect one another. That alone, leads to a shared vision where incredible things can happen.

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